BTDCezFormsPageClick Image To Visit SiteThe dirtiest little secret in the debt collection industry is that 90% of all debt collector law suits would go away if the defendant just challenged the evidence. My forms attack every peice of evidence that the debt collector tries to use. These forms have worked in over 90% of the cases that they were used in. In fact, in most cases the debt collector either withdrew the case or dismissed it on their own.

The problem with the debt collector’s case is paperwork. All the documents they present to the court are generated by them and for their own purpose. If you look at the papers that came with the summons you will not see an original contract. All of the documents are inadmissible if there isn’t a copy of the ORIGINAL CONTRACT. They must also prove, with admissible evidence, that they have the legal right to collect this debt. Junk debt collectors get away with this fraud because the person being sued doesn’t know that they must object or this false evidence will be admitted as though it is true. All it takes is filing the proper paperwork to challenge the false evidence and the junk debt company’s whole case disappears in a puff of smoke. My easy forms make it easy to file the right motions and challenge the plaintiffs case.

These forms are not letters or copies of forms that you have to copy and paste into word documents. These are simple, fill in the blank forms, that when completed with your information, are the actual motions that can be filed with the Court. The following is a list of the most common motions based on the junk debt industry’s present day practices. Because debt collection tactics constantly change, new forms are developed to keep up… Read more…

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